Meet Brianna

Meet Brianna
We’re so excited to introduce you to the bright and organized Event Intern Brianna!  She is one our our fabulous summer interns, and we are so excited to have her!  Let’s learn a little more about Brianna:
Educational Background
Graduated from Wayne Central High School and now entering Junior Year as a Corporate Communication Major at Duquesne University pursuing a Bachelors.

Prior Experience
This is my first internship in the Event Planning and Marketing field as I originally thought I wanted to do Journalism. I had two internships, one at Channel 10 in Rochester and one writing for the Williamson Newspaper. Since I decided to switch my major, I have been involved firsthand in the Event Planning and Marketing of the Orientation program at Duquesne as well as taken an Event Planning Class in which we planned a campus-wide event for an on-campus client. I currently work at a Country Club where Weddings, Banquets and Parties are constant throughout the year and I get a close look when working with our Events Director on those.

Hopes For The Internship
I hope to get a better idea of what it is like to be in an official Event Planning Corporation. As the field includes much of all that is associated with Communication, such as Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, etc., it is my hope that I will have a better understanding as to what it is like for it all to come together. I also hope to gain experience in this field because it is something I am seriously interested in as a career when I graduate.

Favorite Thing About The Industry
Organization! I love the organizing and planning aspect associated with this particular industry. It is so much fun to me to see so many working and moving parts come together in the end of the process to make one successful event! I also love that it is an active field where you are constantly interacting with people, your team members and other companies as well, not simply an individual job where you do everything on your own.

Favorite Quote
“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen; a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble. This is not your destruction, it is your birth.” – Erin Hanson

Free Time Fun
I absolutely love all sports. I played them all throughout middle school and high school and now continue in intramural and club sports in college. I have loved Horseback-riding since I was 2, and have been doing it competitively for as long as I can remember. I currently have a horse named Ellie. I also love to write and read and enjoy music as well. I have played both the trumpet and the piano since I was a little girl. I also love to spend time with my family and my dogs as well as my friends.

Future Plans
My plan is to find a career doing what I love everyday so that I can find the utmost happiness. I want to have a family and a successful life where I can travel and see the world!

Interesting Fact
I was the first member of my family, immediate and extended, to leave home and go out of state for college.

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All Things Patriotic

Happy Memorial Day! Patriotism is what today is all about. In the midst of all the happiness and partying, we hope you take some time to remember what this holiday is all about: remembering those who sacrificed their lives for freedom for the rest of us. In conjunction with that, for this week we’ve put together a patriotic Pinterest board.

Memorial Day is also the kickoff to summer, and a family and friends barbecue is the best way to celebrate! Decorate your house with red, white, and blue. Paper Chains, streamers, and painted jars are easy DIY projects you can do to turn your event into a patriotic party. Line your walkway with mini flags, or decoupage or paint flags onto glass candle jars.

Yard games are perfect activities for all ages. Corn hole, ringtoss, and tic tac toe are great suggestions. Make your own with items you can find around your house and paint them red, white, and blue!

Hot dogs and hamburgers are a must-have. Fruit, pasta salad and corn on the cob are great choices for sides. For non-alcoholic beverages, offer fresh lemonade or red, white, and blue slushies, the kids will love them!

American flag cookies and cupcakes are simple and easy. Other sweet treats can include fruit pizza, popsicles, or ice-cream sundaes.

A bonfire is the perfect ending to a fun-filled barbecue. Create a DIY s’mores bar with different add-ins. Close out the night with fireworks and sparklers.

For more ideas on patriotic inspiration for your events and your home, check out our Pinterest page!

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Rustic Garden Wedding

Bride & Groom

Deerfield Country Club is an absolutely breathtaking venue for a wedding, and we were fortunate enough to work with Sarah and Tyler on their romantic, rustic garden wedding. This breathtaking venue and wedding had so many amazing details, but here are some of our favorites from their special night.

Statement Ceremony: The team at Deerfield Country Club created this beautiful ceremony archway. With the addition of mossy greens and purple caspia, the nuptials are turned into a romantic, ethereal forest. And what better way to top that off than a beautiful butterfly release?

Champagne Toast: Immediately following the ceremony, guests were greeted with a champagne table display. Lush florals on top of a farm table bar make for a visual statement during cocktail hour. And what better way to congratulate the bride and groom than with a glass of bubbly?

Antique Tray Recycled: Whether you have inherited a silver or gold breakfast tray from your grandparents, or searched one out strictly for this reason, it’s easy to turn something old into something new. The chalkboard escort sign is a perfect example, and helps to elevate the laid back chalkboard style.

Grey Wash Wood: The dessert display at this wedding still leaves my mouth watering. The cupcakes from Rochester NY Wedding cake were divine! We displayed them on crates that were grey washed, keeping a soft silvery hue throughout the pallet. Crates are a great dessert display solution and can be assembled in a wide variety of ways on virtually any size table.

Go Out With a Bang: What a grand finish! It was such a thrill to have a firework display for all of the guests. Even the bride and groom were out of the loop!

Deerfield Country Club is such an inspiring venue for a wide variety of wedding styles. I’m thrilled that Sarah and Tyler’s wedding came to life at such a beautiful place! These amazing details are something any bride and groom can incorporate to have the rustic countryside wedding of their dreams.

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